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  • 六表对外申请

    Sixth Form places are available on GCSE results day for students wishing to study at 足球买球app. Application Forms will be available to complete from 8am on 25th August on the link below. 第六表对外申请. 申请必须在中午之前提交.

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Thank you for visiting the Altrincham  男子文法学校 website. 足球买球app is a selective grammar school providing an outstanding academic education for boys between the ages of 11 and 18. Expectations and aspirations are high and our exam results at GCSE and A level consistently place us amongst the top performing schools in the country.


Latest News


  • Head Prefect

    Adham Saeid

    Hi, my name is Adham Saeid and I’m the Head Prefect at 足球买球app for 2021-22. 我在足球买球app的过去7年里, I have seen a complete transformation in nearly every aspect of my life. 这所学校引导我成为今天我感到自豪的人, 特别是由于它对个人成长的关心. This school redefines secondary education as not simply a means of achieving grades and as a steppingstone to higher education, but rather as a time for people to truly discover who they are and what they want to do with their lives. Students’ time within the classroom is utilised to ensure they can achieve whatever it is they are aiming for. Personally, I have consistently been impressed by the supportive environment to learning facilitated by the teachers in this school. 足球买球app鼓励学生在自己的时间内找到解决方案, 如果他们遇到困难,总能得到支持. Each student here has a common goal in mind of achieving as highly as they can, 因此,足球买球app在各自的目标上互相支持. Furthermore, our school’s vast extracurricular provision encourages students to explore their interests alongside others. 足球买球app有各种各样的运动,包括团队运动和社交运动, 大型音乐团体,包括弦乐团和爵士乐队, 以及像“音乐剧协会”这样的小众社团, “模拟联合国”和“物理概念学会”. We really do ensure that every student can explore what they are interested in alongside their peers, and if a society hasn’t been set up for their interest yet they are helped to set up their own. Ultimately, I leave this school with a confidence that I can achieve as high as I can possibly aim. Personally, over the next year I want to focus on ensuring our school is as inclusive as possible for all students and on improving mental wellbeing. 足球买球app is here for those students who strive for better: for themselves, 为了他们的同龄人和社会.
  • 6th Form Prefect

    Kiran Davies

    Hello, I’m Kiran Davies, and I am the House Captain for Tatton this year at 足球买球app. I have loved my time here and I’m so thankful that I’ve had access to all the opportunities presented to me by this school. 随着我的成熟, I’ve realised just how valuable each aspect of the school is towards our development, as individuals, academics, 运动员和音乐家. The level of education we receive here at 足球买球app is second to none, and the effects of it are tangible. 足球买球app的老师很优秀, bringing both genuine enthusiasm and expert knowledge of their subjects to the classroom. Paired with the excellent resources we have here, the learning experience cannot be matched. 老师总是乐于帮助学生提高成绩, something which is reflected in our top-level GCSE and A Level Results across all subjects, 我自己也从中受益. 学校里我最喜欢的部分一直是足球买球app的音乐系. Participating in it actively really rounds the skillsets of our students, 足球买球app举办了大量的音乐会, 音乐剧和其他表演. 足球买球app的体育部门也是如此, 足球买球app的队伍经常参加顶级比赛, 整个学校的人都有代表. 我非常推荐足球买球app.
  • Prefect

    Hasanat Ali

    Any novel experience can be daunting but starting a new school is perhaps the most frightening of all. I had come from a primary school in which throughout my entire 6 years, 我是唯一的有色人种. The notion of change never crossed my mind for I had never known an alternative. 从第一天开始,一切都变了. There was a familiarity at the school that I hadn’t encountered previously, 只有亲身经历才能描述. 那种感觉有一种特别的东西, 环顾四周并意识到这一点的感觉, 过了这么久, you aren’t alone, 还有其他人和你有同样的处境. 这是一种很舒服的感觉. 足球买球app让我感觉很舒服. Undoubtedly it has an outstanding academic profile with a complimenting record in sport, 但这并不是它的独特之处. 足球买球app is diverse; it is inclusive. And its continuous efforts to further strengthen these qualities are impressive and admittedly, successful. 在这里度过的那些年, 我见证了许多由学生领导的社团的建立, 他们的巨大成功, 比如印度和锡克教协会组织的排灯节, 或伊斯兰社会每年举办的慈善活动. Though the school has an array of state-of-the-art facilities at the students’ disposal, 它超越了物质. To me, it does not solely mean academia; it is a place of diversity, inclusivity and care. 足球买球app is more than just a school, it’s a community and I hope you find it just as pleasant I have.

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